I consider that as an Early Years professional and student teacher that I must reflect on my practice and ensure that I keep up-to-date with educational theories and research. My involvement in writing blogs has assisted me in these areas. The process of writing a blog was new to me, and I must admit that I found the ‘blogging’ process enjoyable. Committing my thoughts to written words helped me to clarify my understanding of three main areas within my Early Years teaching. Throughout my writing I aimed to challenge my thinking through reading and critiquing my thoughts. I believe firstly that I have developed a deeper level of understanding in the marking of assessment and the vital role of providing appropriate feedback to students. Secondly, I have come to fully appreciate how essential it is to engage students in the learning process. I recognise that students who experience barriers to learning need a teacher to work hard in personalising their learning, to enable them to achieve their potential. Thirdly, I have had the opportunity to closely examine my values and beliefs in regard to teaching. It was interesting to determine that a teacher may need to adapt their stance in various given circumstances to ensure that they are fulfilling executing their duties. The three main areas I have explored in my blogs has undoubtedly aided my own professional development, but it also has the benefit of the fact that it is contributing to a pool of ideas in Early Years and teaching. My personal reflections could be of interest to others in the education sphere. The subject of Early Years within education is continually evolving. I wish to be a part of development of these ideas, and I feel that writing blogs helps. Contributing to these exciting aspects of discussion and debate within Early Years and teaching.

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